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Shabu Shabu in Columbus

December 27th, 2010    •  by Bethia    •   5 Comments »

Shabu shabu is the Japanese name for a type of ‘hot pot’, an Asian dish cooked and eaten at the table. It’s a shared dish, not unlike fondue, in which you dip meat (traditionally beef) and vegetables into hot broth to cook them. Shabu shabu translates as ‘swish swish’, and describes the sound of your chopsticks swirling ingredients in the broth. As a large pan of steaming broth makes for a wonderful winter meal, it seemed the ideal time to explore the dish in-depth. In the course of my shabu shabu quest I visited Chinese, Korean and Japanese restaurants. This […]

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Sushi Bistro Masa

October 11th, 2009    •  by Andy    •   2 Comments »

Why in Columbus do the suburbs have the best sushi? One of the reasons that it took me so long to try it, is that if I am going to drive (all the way) out to Dublin, and spend a good chunk of change, I want a guaranteed good experience. It is therefore tempting to stick with the tried and true, Kihachi and Kikyo. Now I can add Sushi Bistro Masa. There is a lot of chat about where to find the best sushi on Columbus Underground and Kihachi is often mentioned. I rate Kihachi as one of my overall favorite restaurants in Columbus, but they are not a dedicated sushi restaurant so their daily offering of sushi, whilst excellent is limited. Sushi Bistro Masa (as the name suggests) has a much wider range of sushi, and sashimi, and I would nominate them as a strong, if not top, contender for the best sushi in town.

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