About Columbus Food Adventures:

Bethia Woolf began Columbus Food Adventures, Columbus Ohio’s food tour company, with the belief that the quality and diversity of the Columbus food scene is a story worth sharing.  She has devoted untold hours through her many food blogs showcasing Columbus restaurants, from the well-known gourmet eating establishments, such as Rigby’s Kitchen or Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, to the lesser known, but certainly no less scrumptious, hidden culinary treasures, such as the city’s taco trucks or ethnic eateries.

Columbus Food Adventures public food tours are structured to reflect the ideas driving the food lovers’ websites that Bethia created and continues to cultivate. For example:

Alt.Eats.Columbus Alt.Eats-oriented tours are designed to show off the best of Columbus’s out-of-the-way and little-known ethnic cuisines. The rigorously curated roster of restaurants on these tours reflects significant exploration and research to bring you what we can confidently characterize as the best the city has to offer. These tours are conducted via our 14-passenger van, which has been affectionately dubbed the ‘Adventure Bus’.

Taco Trucks Columbus – As the name suggests, these food tours focus on Columbus’ exploding taco truck scene. With 40 trucks and counting, a tremendous variety of authentic regional Mexican cuisine is available — these trucks offer far more than just tacos. With the TacoTrucksColumbus.com website, we brought this phenomenon to the attention of Columbus and beyond, so nobody knows them better than we do. Taco Truck tours include van transportation.

Hungrywoolf – now merged with this website’s blog. If it’s good, local, and doesn’t fit under the umbrella of either of the other websites, it was found here. From the landmark North Market to some of the finest dining in the city, tours inspired by this website hit all of the high points and often focused on historic areas, such as the Short North Arts District and German Village. For Hungrywoolf content, please visit the blog right here at Columbus Food Adventures.

All of our Columbus tours include tastings at each stop. In total, the tastings should suffice to replace one meal.

Check out our sister company Columbus Brew Adventures for brewery, distillery and beer themed tours.

About Bethia Woolf, Food Maven:

A UK native, Bethia Woolf has long been a prolific chronicler of the Columbus food scene. In addition to founding three prominent Columbus food blogs, she sits on the boards of Slow Food Columbus and Dine Originals Columbus and writes for Crave Magazine. Her in-depth knowledge of food and the Columbus food scene has been recognized in numerous local and regional media appearances. Prior to founding Columbus Food Adventures in 2010, she served as an NCAA Division 1 coach, educator, and Himalayan expedition leader. While being qualified to treat altitude sickness and hypothermia probably isn’t a requirement in a Columbus food tour leader, isn’t it nice to know it’s there if you need it?