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Haggis – From Scratch – Step by Step

January 25th, 2010    •  by Bethia    •   51 Comments »

Making your own haggis in the US is quite an endeavor. Traditional haggis recipes call for a sheep's stomach and a sheep's pluck (heart, lungs, windpipe and liver). Unfortunately it is impossible to buy sheep's stomach and lungs. Blues Creek were happy to supply me with the liver and heart but that was all. I did a lot of research, comparing recipes, looking for substitutions and seasonings. Alton Brown used a tongue instead of the lungs, others used lamb shoulder. I decided to use a mixture of lamb trimmings and beef tripe, which seemed like it might be the closest in texture and not too strongly flavored. I was able to get tripe from La Plaza Tapatia (a large Mexican grocery store) where they had three different types on display.

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