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A Tale of Two Pizzas

August 5th, 2011    •  by Andy    •   4 Comments »

Pizza in Columbus: it’s thin-crust, it’s ‘tavern cut’ (sliced into squares), and it meets dull heat via the crawl of a conveyor belt. It’s Donato’s, it’s Plank’s, it’s… well, just about every pizza place in town. It’s as much a part of Columbus as OSU athletics, but it’s about as inspiring as Tressel ball. Tressel’s gone, and – coincidence, I’m sure – pizza’s really starting to get interesting around here. Within the span of two weeks, a pair of defiant nonconformists have come onto the scene – Harvest Pizzeria and Element Pizza – and they’re making a strong case for […]

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North Market Apron Gala

May 27th, 2010    •  by Bethia    •   2 Comments »

When I volunteered for the North Market Apron Gala Mary told me that I would be assigned the role of ‘Apron Fairy’. She assured me that it would be fun. All I had to do , she informed me, was hand out stickers to the best aprons, oh, and wear a set of wings. Dressing up is not my forte. Halloween costumes fill me with dread and the last time I appeared in public as a fairy was in the 1970s (see exhibit A).  But, I love the North Market and if supporting the market meant wearing wings, so be it. […]

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Pays de Cocagne

July 17th, 2009    •  by Bethia    •   1 Comment »

We visited friends who are house sitting in the Tarn region of France. This area is known as the Pays de Cocagne (the land of plenty) and you can see why. It is a rich agriculture region with vineyards and fields of wheat, corn, sunflowers and potatoes, an abundance of farmers markets and all sorts of wonderful local produce. The food that the region seems to celebrate the most is duck, and when I say duck, I mean ALL things duck. Nothing is wasted, indeed we were told that people used to eat the lungs. Clockwise from top left: Foie gras […]

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