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Special Event Tour – Coffee!

November 11th, 2011    •  by Bethia    •   11 Comments »

Columbus is a great city for the coffee-lover. The availability of well-sourced and meticulously roasted beans is impressive, and the deep knowledge of coffee preparation found at our better purveyors amounts a tremendous wealth of useful information waiting to be tapped. And so, with that, we are proud to present our newest event – the Coffee Tour. The format is simple: we’ll visit a roaster to learn about what goes into turning raw coffee beans into something exquisite, a top espresso bar to discuss turning those beans into top quality espresso drinks, and a premier coffee shop to learn about […]

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Thunderkiss Coffee

September 23rd, 2011    •  by Andy    •   4 Comments »

A morning without a good cup of coffee is, to me, a grim proposition. Caffeine is, of course, the primary necessity, but I’ve grown accustomed to the luxury of choosing from a variety of interesting, flavorful single-origin arabica beans and have steadily built up the better part of a kitchen counter full of equipment (burr grinder, water heater, french press, Aeropress, etc.) for preparing it. In short, I’ve been inching my way down the path towards coffee geekdom. Fortunately, Columbus is a pretty good place to be for anyone with such inclinations. For that, and before we get to the meat […]

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