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Happy Holidays!

December 24th, 2012    •  by Andy    •   No Comments »

As we look forward to a few days off with family and friends, we’d like to wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and only the best in the year to come. We’d also like to thank all of you who have participated in our tours and have given us the means to continue to be able to grow this labor of love. If, during your time off, you’re of a mind to partake of some food-related reading, here are a couple of things that we’ve enjoyed recently: 1048 Words About Peter Wells and Guy Fieri In Praise of Street […]

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Christmas Candy

December 23rd, 2009    •  by Bethia    •   5 Comments »

I haven’t baked any Christmas cookies but I have been playing around with some sugar confections for the holidays. First were marshmallows. I have been wanting to make marshmallows since I read Molly Wizenburg’s ‘A homemade life‘. She describes coming home and finding her then boyfriend making marshmallows, and that being the decisive moment that she knew that she would marry him. It’s not that I have any such romantic illusions but her description of the pleasures of homemade marshmallows was persuasive and the snowy forecast provided an excuse. There are lots of recipes online for marshmallows from Wizenburg, Smitten Kitchen, […]

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Christmas gift ideas for the food lovers in your life

December 10th, 2009    •  by Bethia    •   2 Comments »

This post is prompted both by my need to finish my christmas shopping and also by the bombardment of emails I have received with gift ideas from local businesses. These suggestions are therefore central-Ohio centric but could be adapted depending on where you live. Jeni’s Ice Creams now do mail order and by the power of dry ice they can be sent anywhere in the country (sadly not overseas). I know I would be over the moon if a package of Jeni’s ice cream arrived on the doorstep. Perfect for someone who is homesick for Columbus or to initiate someone […]

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