Columbus Easter Food Guide 2020

April 7th, 2020    •  by Bethia    •   No Comments »

Easter carry out food and ingredients Columbus 2020

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So Long CBC Restaurant (1997 to July 29th, 2018)

August 1st, 2018    •  by Jim    •   1 Comment »

If you joined us on a tour over that last five years, there is a 50% or greater chance your launch point with us was at Columbus Brewing Company Restaurant, later CBC Restaurant. Since September of 2013, we ran over 350 tours originating from this craft beer destination. Most of the tours were our Downtown or Brewery District Walking Tours. For many guests, it was not their first visit to the restaurant but for all who joined us there, the food and service were memorable. Over five years, we made fast friends will all of the staff and worked with […]

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Barleys Makes a Big SPL(m)ASH with Batch 2000 and 2001

June 11th, 2018    •  by Jim    •   No Comments »

We visit Barleys most Saturdays on our Downtown Brewery Tour and we drop in doing private tours and coordinating special events as well. After over 200 visits since we started in 2013 we still find there is something to learn and something new going on. Some of our guests are a bit dismissive when they hear Barleys is going to be a tour stop because they have been there in the past and want to see “the new, cool places.” By the time we leave Barley’s every single guest that had that thought has changed their mind and more often […]

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It Takes a Village: Being Part of the Craft Community

December 24th, 2017    •  by Jim    •   No Comments »

Running a tour company featuring craft breweries in Central Ohio involves a lot more than drinking beer. To understand and engage the community, we look for ways to become part of it. That means between tours, we are spending a lot of time at breweries asking questions, finding out what is new, etc., and sometimes just hanging out. You can’t connect with the craft community by just just dropping in a few times per week and leaving after 50 minutes, you need to build the relationship. In the world of social media, we look to support our partners by sharing […]

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How to Win at Thanksgiving in Columbus

November 9th, 2017    •  by Bethia    •   No Comments »

10 ways to make your Columbus, Ohio Thanksgiving preparations easier from pies to wine pairings.

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