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(because that’s how a scavenger hunt works)

We’ve been running foodie scavenger hunts for a couple of years now for private groups, and, well, they’re a blast! After having so much fun conducting them, we thought: how could we not run them publicly?

So, now we’re doing it, and we’re fleshing it out into a full-on Sunday Funday. The scavenger hunt itself features five tastes from various neighborhood food providers. After the hunt, everyone will head to the super-secret happy hour location for a celebratory drink and – you know us – plenty of food. We’re not called Columbus Food Adventures for nothing. There will even be some prizes.

We’re running these in a variety of Columbus neighborhoods, check the calendar to see where we’re going next! The afternoon’s events start at 2:30pm, and this event will work best if you pair up with a friend. Our next scavenger hunt is on May 19th at Easton Town Center.

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Scavenger Hunts for Private Groups:

Columbus Food Adventures’ scavenger hunts are the perfect event for large groups seeking an unforgettable culinary adventure! Up to 120 of your friends or co-workers can join you as you scour the city’s most interesting foodie neighborhoods and race against the clock (and competing teams) to collect as many delectable answers to clues as possible. Our scavenger hunts are a proven team-building crowd pleaser and can be customized to meet the goals and needs of your organization. We can also wrap up with a happy hour designed for mingling, or a local beer tasting. Contact us today to plan your own scavenger hunt!