Brunch is big these days. Diners across the country love gathering on weekends for a little breakfast, a little lunch, and drinks to boot.

Columbus Food Adventures wants to show you how Columbus likes to brunch. Guests on the Brunch Tour will experience how Columbus restaurants new and old make brunch a memorable and relaxing experience, serving creative and traditional dishes paired with drinks worthy of sipping.

This tour is a collaboration between Columbus Food Adventures and local blogger Nicholas Dekker of Breakfast With Nick. Nick leads the Breakfast Tour, and authored the guidebook Breakfast With Nick: Columbus.

This food tour is priced at $72 and includes: tastings of food and alcoholic drinks at four stops; air-conditioned van transportation (to and from downtown Columbus and all stops in-between); and will be guided by Nick Dekker. This tour runs monthly on Sunday mornings at 10:30am. The tour is intended for guests aged 21 and up.

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