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The taco trucks may have been among the pioneers in mobile food in Columbus, but they’re far from the full delicious story.
Over the past few years, food trucks of all descriptions have been popping up in town, with well over 100 currently in operation. They move around from day to day, and there are many – of all levels of quality – to choose from.
As the creators of, you’ll be in good hands – with this Food Truck Tour, we’ve cut through the noise and assembled a van-based tour of 5 of our absolute favorites.  We want to show you the best of what our mobile food scene has to offer.
We feel comfortable in saying that you’ll be amazed by what comes out of these tiny mobile kitchens – some are helmed by accomplished chefs who have previously spent time working in some of the better restaurants in the US, and others have run restaurants themselves and came to find the mobile life more appealing. All of them are passionate about what they do, and have added significantly to the richness Columbus’ culinary scene.
This food tour is priced at $60.00. It includes tastings at 5 trucks, air-conditioned van transportation (to and from downtown Columbus and all stops in-between), and a guide with plenty of local culinary knowledge. It lasts approximately 3.5 hours. Food truck tours run from May to the end of August. *This tour is not suitable for vegetarians.

Check out this video of our food truck tour: