Columbus has a lot to offer the carnivore, and not just in the form of its juicy burgers and famous sausages. On our Meat Lover’s Tour, we’ll encounter one of the most creative chefs in the city using farm fresh cuts and innovative preparations, a pair of ethnic cuisines displaying novel uses for a wide range of proteins, and a smokehouse with a long history of preparing European-style smoked and cured meats. This event is (self evidently?) far from vegetarian friendly and is a delicious overview of some of the most delicious carnivorous delights to be found in the city!

Our stops usually include:
Skillet – The darling of Columbus foodies, Skillet is about far more than just breakfast! Chef Caskey will take the opportunity to display his brilliance with protein preparations and talk about some of his favorite cuts.
Thurn’s – A behind the scenes look at this hundred plus year old business in which an astounding variety of meats and sausages are cured and smoked according to traditional European and family recipes.
Apna Bazaar – This unassuming Pakistani market hides an exceptional restaurant where we will see, first hand, how they use the art of tandoor cooking to prepare delectably moist and tender kebabs.
– The Refectory – One of Columbus’ premier restaurants where Chef Richard Blondin is known for his use of game meats and his preparations.
The tour starts at 6pm and is $62. The next tour date’s are June 20th and August 22nd 2019. If you are interested in the Meat Lover’s tour and would like to be notified of future dates please contact us.

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